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  • When was the last time you said "Wow, I can't wait to do all the math and handle the royalty reports for my label?" Don't worry we'll wait...

    One of the most time consuming and tedious parts of running an independent company is handling the pluses and minuses, undoubtedly; it is perhaps the most important aspect of a business as well.

    Distri Label & Label Engine's affordable accounting system gives you the option to handle the heavy load within minutes! Stop paying for complicated systems that are not designed for your real needs and stop hiring overpaid accountants that do not handle your work in a timely manner.

    How it works

    Distri Label & Label Engine is compatible with royalty statements from any store and any distributor (or you can create your own), in any currency, in xls, xlsx, csv or txt format. Once uploaded, you can review the royalties that are included in the Statement, and edit or remove any that you don't want to be included.

    Our unique "pre-allocation" method allows you to set up releases and "splits" in advance so our system can recognize them either by UPC, ISRC code or a combination of the catalogue number/artist name/track name/mix to automate the process for any future uploads.

    If you have uploaded royalty statements before our system will recognize previously used matches so next time you process a statement, you will spend less and less time doing your accounting and more and more time doing enjoying any of your hobbies.

    Paid an advance? Need to add an expense? Recently sub-licensed any of your music? We give the tools to handle any additional income or deals, give your artists a transparent insight into how their music is doing. Whether you have a small up and coming or a large-scale label, we have the tools you need!

    Accounting Features 

    • Upload royalty statements from any store or distributor in txt, csv or excel format, in any currency
    • Create and save your own templates to process statements in seconds - set up pre-allocations or approve matches based on past actions
    • Assign royalties to clients based on individual contracts or keep an ongoing balance.
    • Separate royalties by store, country or by media type (streaming / download / ad-revenue etc.)
    • Handle YouTube Ad-Revenue statements and correlate with asset files - link videos to releases, display video and channel data
    • Record label sales and expenses
    • Pay artists advances and fees
    • Send professional and detailed statements to your clients - receive alerts once invoices have been submitted and pay them instantly using our Paypal integration
    • Record licensing agreements and use them to allocate royalties - get alerts when reports are received from other labels
    • Brand emails, reports and invoices with your own logo
    • Send invoices and request payments
    • Monitor your label's finances with detailed graphs and analytics - monitor trends and artist performance over time by genre, country or release


    Standard Features 

    • Easy music management using our "FTP Repository" - upload your wave, flac, aiff or mp3 files through a browser or over ftp, or import them directly from Beatport, Baseware or FUGA
    • Easily make compilations from existing releases with our Compilation Builder tool
    • Upload your music directly to your Soundcloud account
    • Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team
    • Schedule system to keep track of events - set up reminders via email or dashboard notification